Frequent Questions


Frequent Questions

What are the Xacias?

The xacias are half-fish, half-human mythological creatures that inhabit the waters of the Miño, both in its depths and on the banks, in forts and caves, and are the protagonists of deeply rooted legends here in the Ribeira Sacra. They say that the Xacias, very beautiful, frequently joined humans, some infatuations that did not usually have a happy ending. The Miño River, like other rivers, was venerated by primitive cultures, since it represented the water mythology, according to which its waters have always been inhabited by fantastic beings. The xacias seem to be related to the Irish selkies or the Asturian xanas. Some say that, at night, they come out of the water and roam these lands. We suspect that they often visit our house, which is also theirs, and of course yours.

How can I reserve Casa das Xacias?

Once you have decided to book with us, you can make the automatic reservation through our booking engine, or you can contact us by mail or phone. We will always give you the best price guaranteed.

Once we receive the pre-reservation, we will formalize the reservation confirmation through a link with the payment instructions.

How can I pay for my reservation?

To confirm your reservation, we require a deposit of 25% of the total amount of the stay, within 24 hours from the confirmation of the pre-reservation.

This can be done by bank transfer or credit card.

Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until we receive payment.

Is there a pool all year round?

No, the pool is open in the sunny months, from June to September.

Are there any products in the kitchen available?

No, in the house there is no salt, sugar… or other products that are shared in some houses. It is delivered clean and products are not shared with other customers.

Is cleaning included?

The cost of cleaning (final) is included in the provision of the service from Casa das Xacias.

We want you to leave the property clean and tidy as you found it on arrival.

An extra cleaning during your stay can be contracted, upon request in advance.

Is there shower gel and shampoo in the rooms?

Yes, in each bathroom there is gel, shampoo and hand soap.

Are bed linen and towels included?

The cost of bed linen and towels are automatically included in the provision of the Casa das Xacias service. Bath towels include one large and one small, per person. Pool towels are also included.

Are blankets and bedspreads washed in each room?

The beds have sheets and duvet covers, which are washed every change of clients. The cushion covers, pillows and duvet covers are washed at each use.

Is Wi-Fi available at Casa das Xacias?

YES, the house has free internet access in all rooms.

Do you keep the pool clean during our stay?

Yes, the pool has a salt chlorination system that works automatically, daily from 12:00 at night to 8:00 in the morning.

Is a damage deposit required?

The card associated with the reservation acts as a guarantee. The damage deposit is required to cover exceptional cases of costs incurred during your stay.

Is it possible to arrive early?

Check with us the possibility of early entry if your flight arrives early, we will try to facilitate your entry whenever possible.

Is it possible to check out later?

Unfortunately, in high season it is not possible to check-out later, in low season for weekend stays you can request late check-out until 6:00 p.m. subject to availability.

Can I bring a pet to Casa das Xacias?

In our house your pets are welcome, you must inform before booking if you want to come with a pet.

What happens if I have problems during my stay?

We personally inspect the house before your stay, during the preparation and verify the property during the changes, so you have a worry-free vacation.

In any case, if you encounter small problems or technical errors during your stay, contact us at 616817642 and we will do our best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to repair/solve any problem within 24 hours (working days).

We have a special request during our stay, is requesting it possible?

Of course. And we will be happy to make your stay with us even more memorable.

Simply inform us of your wishes and we will be happy to help you!