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Natural and landscape heritage

Biosphere Reserve

Ribeira Sacra

Biosphere Reserve

Natural and landscape heritage

Monte Faro
Foto: Diputación de Lugo | Monte Faro (Chantada)

Ribeira Sacra has a great natural and landscape heritage that will allow you to discover and explore unique natural spaces steeped in history. In addition to enjoying the impressive Miño and Sil canyons, their waterfalls, viewpoints and terraces, there are other protected landscapes that will not leave you indifferent. For example, the natural spaces of the Red Natura 2000, a European ecological network of biodiversity conservation areas that in Ribeira Sacra has six spaces cataloged as Sites of Community Importance (SCI).

Among them we want to highlight Monte Faro, located in an area of ​​great archaeological importance, the Serra do Faro, and located in Chantada, the same municipality as Casa das Xacias. With its 1.187 meters of altitude, its summited can be seen from much of the surface of the Galician territory. It constitutes one of the best natural viewpoints of inland Galicia and the balcony from which to observe the four Galician provinces.

If you dare to walk through Mount Faro and its surroundings, it is very possible that you will come across a pilgrim, because the Winter Way to Santiago de Compostela passes through here. Here you will also find a recreational area to have a picnic and at the top of the mountain you will find the hermitage  “Nuestra Señora del Faro”.

These spaces of the Natura 2000 Network, as well as the Courel Mountains World Geopark, are part of the Ribeira Sacra and Serras do Oribio e Courel Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO this past year 2021, a cataloguing that strengthens the international recognition of the richness of its natural and cultural heritage and the socioeconomic development of the population.

And it is that this is an area of great natural beauty enriched by a rich cultural heritage in which monasteries, castles, country houses and religious heritage of great value predominate with many churches that are authentic Romanesque jewels, such as the Church of Santa María Pesqueiras, located near to Casa das Xacias, where you can go through centuries-old forests to the banks of the Miño, while seeing the Belesar reservoir and the vineyards in socalcos or terraces. Next to this church are the remains of a convent of Benedictine nuns from which, according to popular legend, a monastery of friars was accessed through a tunnel built under the river.

Information of interest to visit the Romanesque church of Santa María de Pesqueiras
Iglesia de Santa María de Pesqueiras
Iglesia de Santa María de Pesqueiras
  • You can do a circular walk from Casa Das Xacias to the Romanesque church of Pesqueiras, of low difficulty. We will give you all the information during your stay.
  • Guided tours are organized to visit the interior of this Church and its paintings, as well as to visit other Romanesque churches in the area. Hours and dates may vary depending on the season. We recommend asking at the Chantada Tourist Office or at Consorcio de Turismo Ribeira Sacra.
Ribeira Sacra is a candidate for World Heritage Site (UNESCO)

Ribeira Sacra is a candidate for World Heritage Site (UNESCO), which would represent international recognition of its cultural and natural value and would contribute to consolidate its preservation for future generations.

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