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Casa das Xacias all year round


At Casa das Xacias you can enjoy all year round and in each season you will live a different experience

In spring, the season of the regrowth of life, you will witness the hatching of the orchard and the cherry blossoms. In summer you can dive into the pool and cook on the barbecue. In autumn, harvest time, you will see how the colours spread on the ground with the fall of the leaves and the vineyards multicolored green, yellow, ochre and red. And in winter, what better way to get close to the warmth of the fireplace in the company of your loved ones? In every month of the year you will find a space for you at Casa das Xacias. For each one of you.

In spring cook and enjoy the orchard. You will find, for example, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and aromatic herbs such as parsley, rosemary, lavender or mint. Savor lunches, dinners and new wine. Immerse yourself in that brilliant light and perceive the passing of the days, which are getting longer.

In summer  the pool offers the whole family, children and friends, a place to cool off.

Enjoy the safe pool. Easily accessible, its depth is 140 cm. Enjoy the outdoor space, prepare delicious lunches and dinners outdoors, either in the kitchen or on the barbecue.

In autumn Casa das Xacias is ideal to take a break and experience the Ribeira Sacra in all its splendour. Enjoy the rest without noise, the chromatic festival of the vineyard and the harvest, the traditional festival of the “magosto” (Chestnut party) and the long leisurely after-meals.

Winter offers us a time of recollection in which we want to be by the fireplace, seeking the warmth of home. It is time to be with yours. In the house you have firewood for the fireplace and the barbecue. It is a good time to visit wineries and enjoy the typical Galician cuisine of this time of year.

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