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Sil Canyon

Ribeira Sacra

Sil Canyon

Just 40 kilometers away

Galicia                  Avistamiento aves Cañón del Sil
Galicia Avistamiento aves Cañón del Sil

During your vacation at Casa das Xacias, you can go on an excursion to the Sil Canyon, just 40 kilometers away, where this river surprises us along its last 25 kilometers with that spectacular deep rock gorge before flowing into the Miño River.

To visit the Sil Canyon from Casa das Xacias, we recommend you go through Monforte de Lemos. There you can visit the Ribeira Sacra Wine Center and discover the wine culture of this land through its people. The center is also a tourist information office.

In these canyons, as in the case of the Miño, the abrupt orography has been used to produce hydraulic energy, which means that the Sil water descends calmly and is passable for boats. What better way to get to know Sil than on board a catamaran or other boats that offer personalized experiences?

If you don’t feel like sailing, another way to discover these canyons is visiting its spectacular viewpoints, located on both banks. Its located in the highest areas allow visualizing the embedded path of the River monasteries, vineyards or waterfalls. A perfect plan could be a family picnic next to the Cadeiras Viewpoint, where there is a sanctuary and a recreational area with tables, barbecues and swings. The Capela Viewpoint is also great for a picnic with your partner or friends: here you can enjoy wonderful views. An unforgettable experience can be the sunset at the Santiorxo Viewpoint or O Boqueiriño Viewpoint, from which you will be able to observe on the opposite shore how our star hides betweenthe chestnut trees of the Monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil.

But if what you like is avant-garde design, we recommend you visit the Cividade Viewpoint, inaugurated in 2012 on behalf of the Galician Center for Contemporary Art after a few days of intervention and improvement of the landscape. Built on an almost vertical slope with 30 meters in length in steel and pine, it is the work of the architect Isabel Aguirre.

Mirador de Cividade ( Sober)

Foto: Turismo de Galicia | Mirador de Cividade ( Sober)

A good way to complete your excursion to the Sil canyons is by making a stop in Doade, where you will find famous wineries that offer tastings and other activities, some of them with gastronomic restaurant. In this area there is also the Aba Sacra tourist train that travels through the abrupt and steep slopes of the Sil.

For bird lovers,in this place existfive itineraries of Galicia Birding (Tourism of Galicia) specific for bird watching. The itineraries can be done on foot or by car and you will be able to see rock species such as the peregrine falcon, the eagle owl or the rarer rock thrush and golden eagle. Other birds of prey that we find in this area are the honey buzzard, the goshawk, the short-toed snake or the booted eagle. Other species are also common, such as the rock martin or the golden swallow, and many small forest birds, such as the Iberian chiffchaff or the nuthatch.

The Sil canyon, next to the banks of the Miño, will offer you unique experiences to enjoy a long weekend or a nice holyday. Disconnect from the routine at Casa das Xacias!

Disconnect from the routine at Casa das Xacias!
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